Brightlee Whitening System is easy to use with the following simple steps:

Step 1: Brush prior to whitening session

Step 2: Fit the mouth tray to the LED light. Remove battery saver from LED light.

Step 3: Apply the gel to the mouth tray

Step 4: Allow the LED light to run its course of 10 minutes, and leave trays in for a total of 30 minutes per sessionays or until satisfied 

Step 5: Brush and rinse teeth

Step 6: Repeat for 7 days or until satisfied 

Touch up sessions are recommended twice per month to maintain your Brightlee Smile.

HELPFUL TIPS: REMOVE EXCESS WHITENING GEL FROM GUMS WITH A Q-TIP. THIS MAY BE AN INDICATION TOO MUCH GEL WAS USED. IT ALSO PREVENTS SENSITIVTY TO THE GUMS. After whitening your teeth will be temporarily more porous, making them easier to stain. To prevent discoloring of your newly whitened smile, avoid smoking or consuming food and/or colored beverages for one hour. We recommend whitening your teeth at night if possible. 

Whiten for 7 days consecutively or until satisfied, we recommend waiting 2-4 weeks before using the system again. System may be used as needed. 

DISCLAIMER: Whitening gel may cause sensitivity to teeth or gums. If you experience sensitivity or gum irritation after whitening, discontinue use until you feel comfortable proceeding. Consult with your medical professional before using this product, especially if pregnant, nursing, undergoing major dental surgery, anticipate surgery, or are otherwise under medical supervision.